Since the dawn of time, pastoralism gives rhythm to the life of the Basque mountain and models its landscapes.

From Estives to the crests of Iparla through the forest Iraty, largest beech plantation in Europe, you will enjoy the waltz time.

Suspended time of contemplation, rhythmical time of walking, tonic time of running water sports, patience time of fishing in its Nives.


coté nature
saveurs et terroir

Flavors and Soil

Here the cooking is pastoral and peasant; sheep cheeses, delicatessen, foies gras, confits, Espelette pepper, Irouleguy wine, cider, cherry jam, honey, macaroons.

These products and specialties are to be discovered on markets by beginning a trip through the tablecloths of inns and counters of bars and by going to meet craftsmen and producers.

Born of this soil, they will have to heart to reveal their passion and their know-how

Culture and Heritage

Beyond the unsolved mystery of the Basque people and its origins, it is a certainty that you will meet : that of being in a country apart, fort of its identity.

Here everything is different.

The language, unrivalled will sing to your ears. The house, the backbone of social structure will delight your eyes. Discoidal steles symbolism of landscaped cemeteries will question you.

You'll surprise yourself to vibrate in unison at a party of pelota.


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