The house

This residence with harmonious proportions and beautiful luminosity owes its name to its slate roof, characteristic to the Soule province. The House anchors near the gates of ramparts of the so picturesque town of Saint Jean Pied de Port, mythical stopping place of the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela (Saint Jacques de Compostelle).

From there, within a radius of one hour, you can discover the Basque Coast, make a Spanish escapade or say Hello to the South Peak of Ossau (Pic du Midi d'Ossau).

From the entrance, heart of the house, to the pink sandstone paving, flies away the staircase towards rooms.

In the early hours, your shutters will open on the garden or on the slopes of the Arradoy covered with the vineyards on Irouleguy.

espace détente  la maison jardin

Chestnut wooden floor, whitewash, river shingle walls contribute to a feeling of serene sobriety.

In the book corner with patina woodwork, hearts and stars radiate in marquetry, delicate symbol of well being.

For your hostess, Ziberoa is a story of love at first sight when dicovering EUSKARA's landcapes and culture. They are waiting for you for a day time or for a full life.

 salle a manger poele

Maison Ziberoa - 3, route d’arnéguy 64220 Saint Jean Pied de Port - Tel : 0033(0) 661 235 944 -